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Why You Need to Shift to Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush vs.
Traditional Makeup

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Airbrush vs. traditional makeup have always been talked about for so long. These are two common ways to apply makeup that have special differences. Airbrush makeup has been used for decades by professionals in the film and photography industries as well as by celebrities worldwide. We love all that it has to offer and want to show you why switching to airbrush makeup is the best decision you can make.


One of the many things you need to consider in airbrush vs. traditional makeup is their differences in application. Airbrush makeup application uses a fine mist of controlled air that pushes the foundation out of a small gun attached to an air compressor, while traditional makeup application uses hand tools like brushes, sponges, or beauty blenders. This is hands down the most hygienic application for applying makeup! Let’s be honest, we’ve all used those dirty brushes to apply our traditional makeup from time to time over the years and it’s just breeding grounds for bacteria! I can’t remember the last time I used traditional makeup and didn’t break out. Since the airbrush makeup is applied with air, the only thing it touches is the inside of the CLEAN gun, straight to your face! Nothing is better! And GOOD-BYE breakouts from my makeup!


Since airbrush makeup follows a spray application process, it gives a lot of coverage with less product. The airbrush takes on a layering effect because of its thin consistency, allowing the foundation to sit evenly on the top of the skin. Traditional makeup, on the other hand, requires a lot of blending of lines or “patches”. You’re constantly working to blend the harsh lines between where the product is on the skin and where it is not.

The airbrush applies much like a camera takes pictures (tiny dots, like pixels). This gives an even, buildable coverage, that requires little to no blending. In addition, the color is custom mixed in a mathematical way! No more guessing if you mixed your color right or bought the right shade! You apply a specific number of drops in the desired colors to create the perfect blend for you individually! And you can say goodbye to cakey makeup! The number one comment I hear from clients is how natural it looks and that it feels like there’s nothing on the skin, but it’s FULL COVERAGE!

Longevity and Resistance to Water

Another factor to consider with airbrush vs. traditional makeup is its longevity and resistance to water. The airbrush we use is alcohol-based, which gives it 18+ hours of wear. It is smudge-proof and water-resistant. When you live in a hot humid climate like Houston, you need makeup that can stand the test of temperature, humidity, and time! Unlike a lot of other makeup, there is no silicone. Silicone is known for giving skin a dewy glow, but it is bad for your skin, can cause breakouts, and simply cannot stand up to the Houston weather. Trust me, I’ve tried! 


While Dinair is not offered in physical stores currently, we can have the makeup shipped straight to your door! And better yet, we do a consultation ahead of time to ensure you are set up with the right color tones so you can have the perfect match when you get your system. It’s an investment into your future love relationship with makeup! While the initial price of buying the system is a bit more than your next bottle of makeup, think of the money you’ll be saving on skincare when you switch. The foundation itself is comparable if not cheaper than professional brands of traditional makeup. Because it is measured, you will use less makeup per application and it will last you longer!


We would love to chat with you about getting you set up with your very own system today. Contrary to popular belief, it is straightforward to use. Dinair is actually offering a complimentary Zoom session when you purchase a system through Analisa Hastings Hair + Makeup and when you get your system in, you’ll have your own in-person consult with Analisa Hastings herself to really get to know the system and how to use it daily!

I truly believe this is the best that makeup has to offer and I can’t wait to show you personally! You will not regret this amazing investment and everyone will be talking about your flawless skin!

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