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The Hollywood Secret: Dinair

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Dina Ousley, founder of Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Dina Ousley, founder of Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Have you ever heard of the makeup technique called airbrush? If not, let me introduce you!

Airbrush makeup is a technique where mist-like makeup is sprayed onto the skin using a machine rather than applying it using brushes, fingers, or sponges. Makeup done using the airbrush technique leaves a more even, flawless, and natural look.

Although airbrush makeup has been around since the 1930s and has been used in Hollywood films, it was not until the modern era that it gained popularity in the beauty and wedding industries. One of the major contributors to airbrush makeup is none other than the Dinair founder herself, Dina Ousley.

Dina Ousley founded Dinair Airbrush Makeup and has been using it for almost 30 years. She has worked with Hollywood celebrities, U.S. presidents, and fashion models. Recently, the brand decided to open its doors to not only celebrities but to every woman who wants to feel the power of airbrush.

As hair and makeup artists in Houston, Dinair Airbrush Makeup is at the top of our holy grail list because of its high-quality products. And not only that, they’re the first ever brand to offer water-based airbrush makeup!

What does that mean?

It means that the formula doesn’t have silicone, oil, or latex, which makes the makeup set evenly on contact with the skin. Moreover, it doesn’t need any compacts or finishing powder! With this quality, we’re confident that our brides’ makeup will last longer and be unmovable for 18+ hours.

In their latest newsletter, Dinair explains how their airbrush makeup is NON-PATENTED. This means that only Dinair knows about their formulas! This is a similar model to Coca-Cola! Dinair has decided to do this in spite of the multiple offers they have received from huge makeup brands to protect their products and the welfare of their clients.

Because of this, our support for the brand has never been stronger. Dinair is a brand that stands up for its integrity and mission—to create loyal customers by empowering them to achieve new levels of personal beauty—and this resonates with us on every level.

Like Dinair, we thrive to be a brand with a fierce passion to serve and create meaningful connections not only in Houston but to destinations all over the world. Wherever our clients take us!