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Monday, January 23, 2023

Re-create 2023 will take you on a journey with us to re-create 52 different looks. It is not just about showing our skills and expertise, but we want to educate you on the variations of how these styles can change from one color to the next, one thickness to another, varying eye shapes, and so on. As we progress through each one of our looks we will be sharing in-depth about what things to look for in yourself and what things to ask for when getting each of these looks. We hope this journey is as much fun for you as it will be for us. So, let’s not waste another minute! Let’s GO!



Since there are endless combinations of hair textures, densities, lengths, face shapes; we are going to go through some of the basics of identifying which one applies to you. After you identify which of the variables applies to you, you can then start to pick hairstyles that are best for you in particular. You are unique, and there is no one size fits. Get to know you first and then build the best for you from there!

1. Hair Texture – Curly, Wavy, Straight

Hair Texture is probably the easiest to identify of the variables. You know how your hair is naturally, without having done anything to it. That is a huge factor when choosing a style. Go ahead and just make the identification and you can skip right to the info to help you with your texture now.

Analisa Hastings-Recreation 2023
Analisa Hastings-Recreation 2023

If you are curly, you know your hair is also more prone to frizz, so by choosing s smooth sleek style, you are risking those around-the-face babies coming out if you sweat at all. The best choices for naturally curly are styles that include texture, something that will look great even if your hair acts up a little because we can’t avoid all the things nature throws at us, we just minimize the damage. Your hair also holds curl the best! So a curly style is your best friend whether it’s up, down or half-up/half-down. The best curly hair tip is to do nothing before it is styled; that means no straightening! Keeping it in its natural state will allow the artist to mimic your natural curl best or create a new curl pattern that will last ALL DAY LONG and minimize frizz!

If you’re in the wavy hair crew, I feel like you’re the luckiest ones, in my opinion. Your hair holds a curl, doesn’t frizz easily, and can be manipulated just about any way you want. You also get the benefit of leaving some down and guaranteeing that it will look that way even if not set properly! This is the easiest hair to work with and gives you the most options when it comes to styles. The sky’s the limit!

Where are my straight hair people at?! Yep, me too! It doesn’t hold a curl, has little to no body. The nice thing is that with the right tricks, straight hair can be right in line with the other two with just a few curls thrown in. Smooth styles are your best friend! Those more polished looks are great for those with straight hair, but doesn’t mean you can’t add a little texture or keep it a little messy, just that you have the added benefit of staying smooth and polished all night long without a worry. Some down styles you may want to avoid if you truly don’t hold a curl well, loose curls tend to get straight as the day goes on and don’t hold up to sweat! Consider doing something a little tighter, wavy, or Hollywood waves if you’re wanting to leave it down for the big day.

2. Hair Density – Thin, Moderate, Thick, REALLY THICK

When I refer to thin hair, I mean you do not have a lot of hair. So, if pull a hair out of your head, it may be thick, but if you don’t have a lot of it, you have thin hair (ponytail holders can go around 3+ times before they’re tight). When you have thin hair, you want to consider choosing styles that have texture to make your hair look fuller, but also make sure you’re choosing styles that are more minimalistic.  Braided styles take hair away from other places where we can use it to create thickness, so less is more when choosing a style. There are powders/sprays that can be applied to the scalp to make the hair look fuller and then if you really want to go all out, consider adding extensions to add fullness to your look! It can make all the difference in the world.

Analisa Hastings-Recreation 2023
Photo credits to: Premier Lacewigs

Moderate thickness or “normal” hair means you’re average: not thick, but not thin. This is a great density to have because you’re able to do more with intricate styles, ie braids, twists, and volume. You want to choose styles that you feel maybe you have the same amount of hair as the person in the picture (this is hard since in most photos you love, extensions were used). Hair paddings can also be used to add more volume to different styles. Medium thickness is also great for down styles as it doesn’t get weighed down and holds well.

Thick to really thick hair has so much you can do with it. You can add so much detail and still have so much hair left to work with! The trouble with thick hair is that it also adds weight to a given style. So, if you’re choosing something down, note that you won’t get as much volume at the root since the weight of your hair will pull it down. If you’re wearing it up, just make sure it is securely fastened in a way that won’t give you a headache. Having to have very thick hair all pinned up can sometimes cause a lot of discomforts. Thick hair is best for detailed styles or down styles that are not as voluminous. Hollywood waves are amazing on really thick hair!

3. Hair Length – Pixie, Short (shoulder-length and above), Medium(shoulder-length to bra), Long (anything below the bra line)

Pixie-length hair is so cute if you can pull it off. The trouble is, there just are not too many options. It can’t really be pinned unless parts of it are longer, but overall, your options are very limited. Pixie length is very easy to add volume to since there’s no length pulling it down with gravity. Consider a style that is voluminous and fluffy or something with lots of texture to give you a more edgy style.

Short hair has more options than you think. Even hair that is just an inch below the hairline in the back can be fashioned into an updo. Obviously, there are limitations to the updos and there won’t be much hair to put up, but the illusion can definitely be there even at this length. You can also add extensions at this length if you wanted to go up, or add extensions blended in to do something down and longer if you wanted to. Short hair comes with built-in face-framing pieces, so that helps with any style you would choose.

Analisa Hastings-Recreation 2023

Medium length hair has so many options and it’s just long enough to get big bouncy curls, but not have them weighted down by the length.  Medium length is great for updos to give fullness and body, but also great for down styles. I mean who doesn’t like to wear their hair down when it’s “long”?! Choose a style that you love and chances are, we can make it happen!

Long hair, this is anything past the bra strap, and I am proud to say, “I’m finally in the club!” Long hair is so pretty when left down and curled, but if it comes with thickness, just remember that the length and thickness are working with gravity to pull those curls right out and leave you lacking the curl and body you desired.  Half-up/Half down and braided styles are my favorites for this length! You have so much hair to work with and these two options give you the freedom to have a style you love that’s down, but not compromised by weight.

4. Face Shape – Round, Oval, Heart, Diamond

I know what you’re thinking . . . what does face shape have to do with my hair?! Everything!!! Your face-shape is the dictator in whether you wear your hair up, down, to the side, high on top, low in the back, leave hair out, or have it all back! Whenever we have a client, they show us a beautiful hairstyle they want to re-create, but where’s the picture of the front?? How you style the hair in the front makes all the difference. It’s actually the most important part of the style, but so overlooked!

Analisa Hastings-Round Face

Photo credits to: MindBodyGreen LLC.

For a round face shape, a middle part can be very flattering. Leaving a few face framing pieces along the hair-line can allow the style to create a more slimming/oval shape to the face. If you’re wanting to do an updo, consider doing that middle part and leaving some face-framing pieces around the face to flatter your face-shape. Also something where you can see the updo from the front is a great option. Something off to the side gives you more visual interest in the front.

Analisa Hastings-Oval Face

Photo credits to: MindBodyGreen LLC.

Oval faces can wear it all. They can do a middle part and really elongate the face for a more lean/elegant look, or they can soften the look by doing a side part. This face shape does well even without face-framing pieces. One of my favorites for an oval face is to have a middle part, but pull just those top sections back and leave the sides from where the hair recedes down. This balances out the shape giving it a more round appearance. Oval faces look amazing with the hair up and so updos are a great option!

Analisa Hastings-Heart Face

Photo credits to: MindBodyGreen LLC.

Heart shaped faces typically come with a widows peak. This face shape looks fabulous with the hair all pulled away from the face to really emphasize the shape. When wearing the hair down, or partially down, I like to skip the part and pull the top section back. It really is so beautiful and pulling the hair back frames the face. Up styles also look so beautiful on this face shape because you’re not distracted by having the hair down hiding that beautiful face.

Photo credits to: MindBodyGreen LLC.

Diamond shaped faces have very high cheek bones and are very angular. This shape looks great with sleek styles. Fluffy hair is not usually flattering for this shape. Hollywood waves are a great style as it gives that sleek look where it’s pulled back and then the polish through the top to really accentuate that beautiful shape of the diamond. If you’re doing an updo, consider doing something off to the side or wide and low across the nape of the neck to balance the shape.

So, there you have it! The basics to knowing what to look for on yourself before looking at inspiration photos. I hope this has given you the tools to choose styles that are better suited to you. And if you’re not sure or just don’t want to go through the work of figuring it all out, well, you’re in the right place! That’s what we’re here for! We see you when you come in, we look at the styles that you’ve chosen and then go through the details to customize it and make it the perfect look for you. When the client lets the artist do what they know, this is often when you’ll see some of our best work!

 Re-create 2023 will show you how 1 style can change and morphe from one head to another, from one eye shape to another, etc. It’s going to be so fun showing you how you can have the look you want that makes you feel beautiful!

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